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Once grown to size, the young falcons are moved to large exercise pens. Here, they are able to hone their flying skills, learn to “turn corners” and build up muscle. The falcon will be flying and fit, ready to start hunting in the September/October season. The adaption period is minimal and the birds should be ready to hunt within days of arriving at their new home.


Standard Transport Arrangements

  • Each falcon is accompanied by the required paper work: veterinary health certificates, A10's and CITES permits.
  • Each falcon is fitted with wing guards and tail guards while they are in transit.
  • Each falcon will be transported in its own transport box

Additional Costs

Hoods, jesses, swivels, leashes and transport boxes can be provided at a minimal additional cost. Transport costs (delivery to airport, flight costs) will be quoted in addition to the falcon price once the order has been placed.

Optional Extras

  • The falcon can be microchipped
  • The falcon's breeding pedigree can be provided.
Dwan microchipped
Dawn microchipped
Grey Gyr falcon
Prices of falcons are available on request.
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