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Gyr-Tec Falcon Breeders

Breeding GYRS, HYBRIDS and TRIBREDS in the Scottish Borders


In 2008, after seven years in South Africa, Gyr-Tec moved its breeding operation back to the United Kingdom. After much searching we found the perfect location. Gyr-Tec is now well established in Dumfries and Galloway, on the border of Scotland and England. Remote enough to keep our falcons safe from disease yet close enough for easy access from Edinburgh, Glasgow or Manchester.

We are pleased to offer gyrs, gyr hybrids and tribreds for sale this year.

Despite a truly freezing winter, the birds have settled well this year and started breeding. We are pleased to offer several gyr hybrids and tribreds for sale.

Gyr-Tec is spearheaded by James Buttle, an experienced falconer and breeder. James has successfully produced falcons, hawks and eagles by natural and artificial insemination for many years, both in the United Kingdom and in South Africa.

At Gyr-Tec, the falcons are monitored twenty four hours a day.

OUR GOAL: To breed large hunting falcons with excellent temperaments.

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